By Eric Engelbert

Welcome to our weekly market report on Orange County's real estate scene. In this update, we'll cover the latest developments and trends in the local housing market.

One notable development this week is the occurrence of homes selling for prices higher than the asking price for the first time this year. While this trend is concerning, we hope it's just a one-time event and not indicative of a broader overbidding issue. We'll continue to monitor the situation closely.

A significant challenge in the Orange County housing market remains the low inventory levels, which are driving increased buyer competition and leading to the overbidding mentioned above. This trend is likely to persist in the coming months, so buyers need to be prepared to move quickly when they find the right property.

Despite the ongoing challenges in the market, Orange County's housing values remain robust, in line with the national trend. However, other housing markets, like San Francisco, are experiencing a downturn due to decreased demand for housing. This decline may be attributed to a growing number of companies transitioning to remote work, resulting in office vacancy rates nearing 40%. San Francisco's housing market is undoubtedly in a slump, and we'll keep a close eye on how this trend develops.

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The Orange County real estate market continues to face challenges, but housing values remain strong. Our team at Orange County Real Estate is here to help you navigate the ever-changing market and achieve your real estate goals. If you or someone you know is considering selling, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.